The Future of Ageing Awards launched in 2019 to recognise leadership, innovation and excellence in aged care service providers in Australia and New Zealand.

These dynamic awards bring together aged care providers, industry suppliers, government agencies, universities and individuals who are driving change to improve the lives of people receiving aged care services.

Award Categories

– Consumer Experience – a product / program / project / service that
has improved the experience of aged care services for consumers and /
or improved outcomes.

– Health and wellbeing – a product / program / project / service that has improved the
health and wellbeing of people receiving aged care services. This may include services
provided by allied health care professionals, restorative care, supporting independence,
clinical programs and social or spiritual activities.

– Service Transformation – a program or project that has led to service or business
improvements across any area of operations within an aged care service.
– First Nations Communities – a service provider or program that is improving quality of
life, cultural connection and / or health and wellbeing outcomes for First Nations people
receiving aged care services.

– People & Culture – a team / program / project / service that has improved the
experience of employees working in aged care, helped to attract people to the industry or
aims to drive employee retention.

– Social Inclusion – a program, project or service designed to improve equity, access to
services, social inclusion and / or respect within an aged care service.

– Community Engagement – a program, project or service that links an aged care provider
with the broader community to promote social wellness, intergenerational connections or
to provide a smooth pathway for people to enter aged care when they need it.

– Technology – Consumers – a new product or service for use by consumers that
enhances independence, health and wellbeing and / or quality of life.

– Technology – Business – a new product, program or service that streamlines business
operations, creates operational efficiencies and / or improves quality assurance.

– Property & Design – A new build or renovation designed to meet the needs of the local
population. Nominees may include interior design and sustainability initiatives.

– Research Project – a university-led or supported research project that stands to improve
aged care services, reablement, consumer experience or enable independence.

– Emerging Leader – someone who has displayed exceptional leadership after moving into
a leadership role in an aged care service provider during the last 3 years.

 – Leader of the year – a senior executive currently working for an aged care service who
has demonstrated exceptional leadership and dedication to driving innovation and
excellence in their field over the last two years.