**Nominations for the 2024 Future of Ageing Awards will be accepted from Monday 1 April


Each nomination must address the following information to be considered by the judging panel:

In 200 words or less, briefly describe what the project / program / product / service is, including when it was launched.

Why the project / program / product / service came about
In 500 words or less, explain the reason for implementing the project, initiative or program – what was the problem you sought to solve, or gap you sought to fill? How did you identify the need for this?

How it works
In 800 words or less, describe how the project / program / product / service was developed and how it works. This includes its objectives, stakeholder engagement, implementation and monitoring / evaluation. Please note any funding sources, approximate cost and justification for sustainability. Please keep your response pitched at a lay audience in the context of its purpose and avoid technical information.

Who was involved
List the key internal stakeholders by team / title and note any other organisations involved in the development and / or implementation of the project / program / product / service and their role.

Evidence of success
In 800 words or less provide evidence of the measurable outcomes of the project / program / product / service. This may include data from surveys, feedback, testimonials, uptake or utilisation or initial benchmarking.

Please attach up to 3 photographs when submitting your entry with each photograph to be between 1-3 MB. Photographs will be used in our news stories about the awards and any profile stories if your nomination wins..


The Emerging Leader category is designed to honour the talents and achievements of individuals who have been in a leadership position for not more than 3 years. Whether they come from another industry or have been employed in the aged care sector and stepped up into a leadership role, we want to acknowledge their remarkable contributions. There is no aged limit or other restrictions.

To be eligible for this category, the individual(s) must have held a leadership position for not more than 3 years within the aged care services sector in either Australia or New Zealand. However, they can have worked within the sector for a longer duration in a more junior role. This includes individuals from suppliers to the sector and those involved in the provision of care, such as community, home care, and residential aged care.

The judging period covers a maximum of 3 years, so we’re seeking someone who has demonstrated exceptional ability, courage, and determination during this period. Entries will qualify as long as the role is a leadership position that has been held for not more than 3 years.

Entries can be submitted by the individuals themselves or by a colleague.

In a concise document of no more than 500 words, please outline the key achievements of the nominee over the last 3 years or less. Additionally, provide two testimonials, each no more than 300 words. One testimonial should be from a manager of the entrant, while the other should be from a person external to the company or organisation who has had regular dealings with the nominee. The seniority of the writer of the external testimonial will be given due consideration by the jury.



The Leader of the Year category is designed to recognise the achievments of senior executives currently working for an aged care service who can demonstrate exceptional leadership and dedication to driving innovation and excellence in their field over the last two years.  They may be a CEO, CIO, CTO, Director, Manager, or anyone else in a leadership role. 

The judging period covers the last 2 years, so the entry will need to demonstrate Evidence of Success and Genuine Leadership & Innovation in areas such as, but not limited to:

– Financial performance

– Innovation and adaptability

– Corporate social responsibility

– Customer satisfaction and brand reputation

– Sustainability

– Personal integrity

– People & Culture

Entries can be submitted by the individual themselves or by a colleague.

In a concise single document, please outline the key achievements of the nominee over the last 2 years or less. Links or attachments that demonstrate Evidence of Success should be included where possible.


Each nomination will be evaluated by the judges against the following criteria:

Genuine leadership & innovation

The project / program / product / service / person demonstrates unique thinking and problem solving. Those involved have shown courage to try new things and have taken risks in order to positively impact people’s lives.

Collaboration and engagement

The nomination offers evidence of broad stakeholder engagement, collaboration and input by relevant parties including consumers and people from minority groups in the planning, implementation and evaluation stages of development.

Evidence of success

The nomination demonstrates measurable outcomes including evaluation methodology, key benefits and examples of utilisation / the project / program / product / service in action.

Scalable and sustainable

The nomination has the potential to be rolled out across Australia (even if it is currently being piloted only at one location) and is sustainable in terms of cost, production, environmental impact and resourcing.


  1. In nominating for a Future of Ageing Award, nominees give permission to Inside Ageing to publish any of the information provided about their project/program/product/service in news stories prior to and after the winners are announced.
  2. Nominees must provide any additional information requested by the judges and if requested, make themselves available for an in-person visit by one of the judges to demonstrate their project/program/product/service.
  3. Approved aged care providers will be ineligible to win their category if that particular site has a serious open non-compliance notice at the time when entries close.
  4. All award decisions are final.
  5. Any nominations that are found to be based on false or misleading information will be immediately disqualified and the nominating organisation will be prevented from entering the awards the following year.
  6. An entry fee of $120 plus GST per submission applies. (multiple entries from one entity submitting can be made for the single fee of $120 plus GST)  A payment link or invoice will be provided once the entry is received. 
    Note: there is no fee to enter the Emerging Leader category.
  7. Entries open on April 1 with submissions to be sent via email with a single document attachment by 21 June 2024 to: awards@insideageing.com.au