Preliminary Program

The inaugural Future of Ageing conference program is being carefully curated to deliver the most topical discussions, debate and insights from leaders who continue to make a positive difference despite headwinds from many directions.

Panels and presentations will cover leadership across operations, people and design; culture and excellence; and reforms, with learnings that you can take back to your organisation and implement tomorrow.

The program is aimed at CEOs and Executive Leadership teams, Board Directors and rising stars who, as future leaders, will continue to drive innovation and excellence in aged care services of tomorrow.

Next-Gen Care: how robots are changing the face of aged care

Meet Abi – an AI-powered companion robot providing support to residents in one of Bolton Clarke’s residential care homes. Abi uses the Chat GPT-4 artificial intelligence platform, allowing it to recognise residents, answer their questions and customise conversations based on previous interactions to provide a personalised experience for residents. As more providers look to utilise robotic technology, Grace Brown, CEO & Co-Founder of Andromeda, will discuss the evolving role of robots in aged care and ethical considerations.

Creating employee experiences to encourage grass roots change and innovation

Fifth Frame Co-Founder, Laura Applebee-Jones, will draw on her extensive experience working with the leadership teams of some of Australia’s most recognised companies on major change management projects. Employee experience models can put companies on the path to success by starting with your people, whether you are rethinking your purpose and values; designing your strategy; shaping your culture; aligning leaders and people or putting in place execution plans. Learn how employee experience models can be used to improve processes and lift both resident care and employee retention.

The merger and acquisition landscape in 2024

Discover the distinct strategies of leading experts in aged care mergers and acquisitions in this unmissable discussion with Jason Binder of Respect and Stephen Becsi OAM of Apollo Care. Hear their insights based on 10 acquisitions in the past year and valuable perspectives on navigating the complexities of sale or transfer, the importance of community consultation and why culture still eats strategy for breakfast.

Striving for Excellence: 10 Strategies for Reform Success in Home Care

Jennene Buckley led Feros Care for 20 years, growing the organisation from a 95-client aged care provider to 60,000+ clients as a People Care company. Hear how Jennene and her leadership teams remained agile during periods of intense change and transformation, and remained focused on creating a culture of innovation where people could do their best life’s work.

Navigating compliance changes alongside technology changes

Navigating the ever-evolving regulatory landscape in home care demands swift integration of changes into operational processes. Implementing new procedures, training, and updating technology can be complex endeavors for providers of all sizes. Discover how Five Good Friends adapts to industry demands, aligning with reporting and seamlessly incorporating changes into daily operations through case studies on meeting incident management, fee adjustments, workforce compliance, quality standards, and reporting shifts by Co-Founder and CEO of both Five Good Friends and Home Care Management platform The Lookout Way, Simon Lockyer.

Innovation in Design: embracing biophilic design for increased wellbeing

Learn how the integration of biophilic design principles can transform your environments into vibrant sanctuaries of life and vitality to enhance dignity and wellbeing. Biophilic expert, Jo Caughtry, will share her tips on how to incorporate elements of nature indoors to significantly improve the mental health, cognitive function and social interaction of residents and staff.


Panel: Daring to be Different

Hear from some our recent Future of Ageing Award winners and 2024 finalists about how innovation and excellence is embedded in their organisation to create an environment of continuous improvement and high employee retention, lessons they have learned along the way and where to next.